1. GASP. You’ve found your dream home. What happens next??? Let’s run through some steps.

  2. Review and discuss CMA to determine fair + competitive offer price based off of market activity within last 6/12/24 months.

  3. Obtain pre-approval letter from lender with exact property address and offer price. No need to show all your cards here with generic letter.

  4. Put together contract which has key components that affect strength of offer: Price, earnest money (initial and total), loan info, closing date, tax prorations. We will sign electronically and submit to seller's agent.

  5. Negotiations begin. Offer can be accepted, rejected or countered on any or all of the items above. Offer can be verbally accepted, however not considered executory until both parties have signed.

  6. Property status changes to contingent, or CTG, which means we are under contract and temporarily off the market. Initial earnest money is due 1 business day after offer acceptance.

  7. Attorney review and inspection period begins. Hire inspector asap and schedule. Attorneys review contracts until a “meeting of the minds” occur. Status moves from CTG to PENDING. Remainder earnest money is due no later than 1 business day after A/I period.

  8. Loan application process usually begins 5 business days after the offer acceptance. Appraisal is ordered and lender begins requesting financial documents.

  9. Wait for clear to close from lender, at which point we schedule the closing with title company. Lender and attorney review figures and cash-to-close needed on the big day.

  10. Attend closing. Attorney and myself accompany you to the title company to sign papers.

  11. Pop the champagne! House is yours. 

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