5 Reasons to Take a Break on the Weekends

by Erin Minckley

photos by Metts Photo 2019

We know you had to giggle a little bit while you read our Instagram post about not working on weekends. Because if you know Mark and Camille, you know they work a LOT. In fact, they’re probably at a showing right now. Though the thought of taking a break seems a little too idealistic when you’re a workaholic, I’m writing to let you know that there are a couple of really great benefits to weekends.

Maybe our founders will read this and take note.

  1. It’s good for your health. 63% of Americans are likely to be picking up their phone or laptop on Saturday or Sundays (or furthermore they might be putting in 8 straight hours of labor). But, did you know that if you don’t take a break once a week you’re prone to things like heart disease, depression and sleeping problems? —USNews

  2. It’s a very American trait. Did you know that lawmakers in France are actually enforcing employers with 50 or more employees to allow their workers to disconnect, protecting their health and well being?

  3. It’s good for the planet. Alright so, if I haven’t been convincing enough, I’ll allow you to ponder this: A shortened work week could actually slow climate change. The Center for Policy and Economic Research came up with that, not me! Imagine how much we drive to work and back. If every person took two days off from their commute, imagine the benefits it could have for the planet.

  4. Spending time with your kids. Even the principal wants a few days of rest, so your kids are stuck with you at home. What are you going to do? Activities, make messes, eat things, make a lot of garbage, clean up. Yep, if you’re a parent you probably look forward to Mondays, where as you used to be cool and look forward to Friday nights. If you feel alone, don’t. This blog is a good one, called “Scary Mommy” and details why weekends don’t really exist for ‘rest’ when you’re a parent but it is a time to just be together.

  5. Robert Reffkin does it. If you haven’t done much reading about our founder Robert Reffkin, this guy is like a unicorn. He just finished raising $370 Million dollars in funding. Aside from being a business mogul, he drinks three espressos a day, runs marathons and sleeps for only 5 hours a night. But, even he takes a break on the weekends (he works from noon to 4:30 PM instead of a twelve hour day).

    So, even if you’re hyper-motivated to succeed like we are at BCG, you can catch an extra hour of sleep on Saturdays or turn your phone off on Sundays while you relax with your kids.

Robert Reffkin Compass Founder