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Position: Real Estate Consultant

Areas of Expertise: First Time Buyers, Primary Residences, Investment Properties, Resales, New Construction, Land Development, Mixed Use, Project Management


Here is the short version: I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago by parents with an immigrant work ethic. At age 10, on my days off school, I started following my father around at work. I learned the value of a dollar and hard work by pounding stakes, shoveling concrete and assisting my father with managing his rental properties.

Throughout my education at the University of Chicago and professional experience as a psychotherapist in behavioral health care, I learned about the importance of empathy and starting where your client is when trying to help them. These skills have transferred nicely into a career in real estate as a developer and as a Real Estate Consultant. 

I have purchased, remodeled, and sold two primary residences, as well as purchased two multi-unit investment properties and various lots that I have developed and sold. I have a solid understanding of the time commitment, focus, hard work and market analysis that is required to find you the perfect property, at the right price and with the least amount of stress. In the fast-paced field of real estate, I am continuously thinking out of the box to maintain an edge against the competition in order to apply a strategic approach in pricing and marketing your property all while finding the right buyer for your home. 

I pride myself on being a deal maker and teaming up with experienced professionals to ensure a smooth process from contract to close. My passion, hunger and around the clock work ethic combined with my willingness to go the extra mile while building solid relationships continues to be the foundation of my success. If you do not believe me, see what my clients are saying about me.


"Working with Mark could not have been better. (we worked with another realtor previously and the experience was night and day) He was responsive, informed, and willing to work with us for as long as needed in order to find the right property for us.” -Zillow user

"I cannot recommend Mark highly enough. …... For me, two things really set Mark apart from agents I've used in the past and other agents I interviewed: (1) his knowledge of the northwest side neighborhoods in which I was looking, and (2) his knowledge and experience as a contractor and of building and construction.” -Laura

"We spoke with numerous brokers, many of whom were too intimidated by the complexity of the deal. Our initial correspondence with Mark, however, was refreshingly different. Mark outlined a detailed strategy on how to deal with the HOA, the tenants, the lenders, and how we could issue a credit for the special assessment. We agreed on a fair price and clear commission terms. His professionalism and commitment were clear from the start. Enthusiasm for a deal is easy in the beginning, but Mark maintained his demeanor throughout this difficult process.” -Anca

Mark Buckner
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Position: Real Estate Consultant

Areas of Expertise: First Time Buyers, New Construction, Multi-family, Primary Residences, Resale, Rehab, Vintage Properties, Investment Properties, VA Loans


Happiness. Health. Success and wealth. 
This is my mantra. I am believer that good things come to good people, and positive action leads to positive reaction. My business approach is no different and I treat all clients, regardless of budget, as if they were a friend of the family. (Truth be told I end up staying in touch with everyone by way of bitmoji.) 

I became interested in real estate when I purchased my first investment property in 2012. After doing extensive work to my home, I realized I had the skills to project manage contractors as well as speak to home values in the neighborhood. Not only do I have personal experience with rehabs and multi-unit properties, I work closely with developers and new construction projects throughout the city.

I do my homework, obsess over comps, and deliver prices that are on target for both buyers AND sellers. When we work together, you walk away with a positive experience as well as a relationship with a neighborhood expert. Get in touch- I'd love to hear your story.

Hobbies/Obsessions & Fun Facts:

  • OTF (Orange Theory Fitness) Junkie

  • Parenting

  • Painting

  • Embroidery

  • Active meditation

  • Goal setting

  • Healthy living

  • Meaningful conversation

Camille Canales
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